lic. phil. Andrea Bender








In maternity leave from February until September 2021 – representation by Lic. phil. Martina Rakus-Gees. Appointments with Ms Rakus-Gees are already possible starting in November 2020. E-Mail:


  • Certified Psychotherapist FSP (Federal Association of Psychologists)
  • Master of Advanced Studies in Psychotherapy MASPT
  • Supervisor, Self-Experience
  • Lecturer for postgradual studies and training: Klaus-Grawe-Institute, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verhaltenstherapie DGVT Bonn, Akademie für Verhaltenstherapie & Methodenintegration AIM (Ordentliche Lehrtherapeutin)
  • MBSR- and MSC- Teacher (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction & Mindful Self-Compassion)
  • Master of Advanced Studies in Psychotherapy MASPT


Education and Workexperience

  • 2019:                         Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Teacher Training
  • 2018:                         Advanced Training for Supervision, Klaus-Grawe-Institut in Zurich
  • 2017-2019:               MBSR-Teacher Training at the Center for Mindfulness in Zurich
  • Since 2011:               Psychotherapist at Klaus-Grawe-Institute
  • 2010-2014:               Postgradual Training (Cognitive Behavioral and Interpersonal Psychotherapy)                                                                                                     Klaus-Grawe-Institute in Zurich
  • 2012-continuing:    Postgradual Training in imaginative, hypnotherapeutic, and compassion focused                                                                                             techniques, meditation and mindfulness
  • 20013-20014:          Psychotherapist at the outpatient Clinic „Psychiatrie Zentrum Linthgebiet der                                                                                                     St.Gallischen Psychiatrie-Dienste Süd“
  • 2009-2013:              Psychotherapist at ipw Klinik Schlosstal in Winterthur at the psychotherapy ward for                                                                                        depression and anxiety and the psychotherapy ward 60+
  • 2004-2010:              Psychology at University of Zurich: Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • 2005-2013:              Care-Team / Freiwilligenkorps der Notfallorganisation CareLink


Clinical Focus

  • MindFIT: Training for mental resources (more)
  • Couples & families: Counseling & therapy, mediation, communication & problem solving training, crisis intervention, coping with separation, sexual therapy
  • Individuals: Overcoming depression or anxiety, enhancing self-esteem & life quality, clarifying relationship patterns, emotional dependency, sexuality, singlehood & starting a new relationship, processing and overcoming past experiences, stress management, mindfulness & meditation, relaxation, hypnotherapeutic & compassion focused techniques
  • Infertility/unfulfilled child wish: Counseling & support for coping with infertility (couples and individuals), coping during reproduction treatments, FERTIFIT-Training for infertile couples (more)
  • Unintended/unwanted pregnancy: counseling & support
  • Gynecology: Therapy & counseling for psychological problems associated with gynecological states: gyn. cancer, perinatal problems (pregnancy problems, postnatal depressions, complicated birth, abort, child death)



  • English
  • German